Telepathic Transmission (Magic Minigame) [Dominaria United Minigame]

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Set: Dominaria United Minigame
Type: Card
Rarity: Common
2-4 players | 2 packs | 5 minutes
Order your cards without communicating in this game that puts your telepathy to the test.
Open two booster packs and remove all cards without Magic backs. Shuffle the rest of the cards together and deal them out as evenly as possible to each player. One player then discards a land to begin a central discard pile.
Lands - Other colorless cards - W - U - B - R - G
Within each category, order cards by numerically ascending mana value.
A card of the same color and cost can be played on another card of the same color and cost.

A multicolor card counts as any one of its colors.
There is no turn order. If someone has a card to play in the above sequence, they may play it at any time.
If at any point a player notices the sequence has been broken by a card in their hand, they say "restart" and reveal the card that should have come next in the sequence. Restart the game by shuffling all cards together and dealing them out again. Use your knowledge of Magic and the cards revealed between restarts to successfully complete the sequence.
The game is over when all cards have been discarded in the correct order. Keep track of the number of restarts—one or fewer is a victory!

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