How to use Game Grid's Buylist

Please Note - All Buylists are subject to final approval*. 

Step 1 - Login or Create an Account

To use our buylist system you must have an account with our store so that we can keep accurate records and communicate any changes.


Step 2 - Build your buylist

Use our online Buylist to look up your cards.
Our buy price is based on the value of the card, the condition, and our current stock levels.
And we love giving out store credit!
Most cards will have a 40-50% store credit bump on our buylist!


Step 3 - Submit your Buy Order.

After you're done adding cards to your buylist, hit the submit button to send it in.
Please make sure to select whether you want your payout in Cash or Credit before you submit.

Our current system cannot swap between cash & credit after submission.
If you accidentally selected the wrong payment method, the buylist will have to be manually re-entered by our staff and will be subject to a 10% processing fee.


Step 4 - Get your cards to Game Grid!

If you're local, bring it to the store anytime in the next 3 days.

If you are planning on mailing in your buylist, please email us at to confirm your list before mailing.
After approval* send your cards to our address:

400 Millpond Dr
Suite #F
Lehi, UT 84043

Please make sure your cards are well-packed and the package is watertight!
We do recommend insuring your shipment.
Game Grid Lehi does accept responsibility for your cards while they are in our care, but we are not responsible for lost or damaged shipments.


Step 5 - Grading

We'll check the condition of your cards (adjusting the price based on condition) and confirm our offer for you.
If there is more than a 10% difference between the initial quote and the final offer after grading, we will send you an email explaining what changed and why. 


Step 6 - Get paid!

Cash Payout -
We currently offer payment using either Venmo or PayPal.
We'll contact you to confirm your information before sending payment.

Store Credit -
We'll automatically apply it to your account.



Additional Details
Our current buy prices are only guaranteed for 3 days from your buylist submission - please make sure your shipment is postmarked no later than 3 days from now.
If you are dropping off your list in person, please make sure you do so within three days.

Sometimes our pricing algorithm makes a mistake.
If there is an error in our pricing, we will notify you of the correct price and you have the option of either accepting the correct price or keeping those cards.