Shrill Howler // Howling Chorus [Eldritch Moon]

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Set: Eldritch Moon
Type: Creature — Werewolf Horror
Rarity: Uncommon
Cost: {2}{G}
Creatures with power less than Shrill Howler's power can't block it.
{5}{G}: Transform Shrill Howler.
"A werewolf's howl is terrifying, to be sure. But this . . . this was a chilling sound I somehow felt. I fear what will reply to it." —Alena, trapper of Kessig
Reverse Type: Creature — Eldrazi Werewolf
Creatures with power less than Howling Chorus's power can't block it. Whenever Howling Chorus deals combat damage to a player, create a 3/2 colorless Eldrazi Horror creature token.

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