Empires Of The Void II

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Empires Of The Void II

Recommended for Ages 13 & up
2-5 Players
90-180 minute playtime

The Kurross Empire emerged from the deep, endless pool of space, dark and undetectable. They crushed Earth™s paltry fleet within a week, and broke through the great planetary shield that protected the surface. Bright blue oceans turned to an irradiated wasteland as they bombarded the planet, shredding the remnants of thousands of years of human history. Markan, last captain of Earth™s forces, made a final, desperate attempt to survive, salvaging an abandoned Worldship from hundreds of years past. She took command and headed for the fringe of the galaxy, where there was a chance to gain a foothold, grow in strength, and find new allies for the fight against the Kurross. Earth™s long-time enemies, the Zun and Decima Empires, soon followed in their own Worldships, leaving behind decimated worlds and lost family, determined to stake their own claim of the fringe.

In Empires of the Void II, you have been given a mission to establish a foothold at the fringe of the galaxy for your galactic empire.

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Ryan Laukat

Ryan Laukat
Michael Leavenworth

Board Game Geek Category(s):
Science Fiction
Space Exploration

Board Game Geek Mechanic(s):
Action Points
Area Majority / Influence
Dice Rolling
Hand Management
Modular Board
Point to Point Movement
Variable Player Powers

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