Dungeon of the Mad Mage Token (Oversized) [Oversize Cards]

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Set: Oversize Cards
Type: Dungeon
Rarity: Common
Yawning Portal — You gain 1 life. (Leads to: Dungeon Level)
Dungeon Level — Scry 1. (Leads to: Goblin Bazaar, Twisted Caverns)
Goblin Bazaar — Create a Treasure token. (Leads to: Lost Level)
Twisted Caverns — Target creature can't attack until your next turn. (Leads to: Lost Level)
Lost Level — Scry 2. (Leads to: Runestone Caverns, Muiral's Graveyard)
Runestone Caverns — Exile the top two cards of your library. You may play them. (Leads to: Deep Mines)
Muiral's Graveyard — Create two 1/1 black Skeleton creature tokens. (Leads to: Deep Mines)
Deep Mines — Scry 3. (Leads to: Mad Wizard's Lair)
Mad Wizard's Lair — Draw three cards and reveal them. You may cast one of them without paying its mana cost.

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