Doomtown: Weird West Edition

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Doomtown: Weird West Edition

Recommended for Ages 12 & up
1-6 Players
60 minutes playtime

Welcome to Doomtown, where you try to gain control of a western town set in the Weird West of Deadlands. In this world, cowpokes good and bad wield guns, steampunk gadgets, and spells of all sorts, and death is sometimes just a minor inconvenience.

In Deadwood, South Dakota, Eagle woman That All Look At tries to enforce a fragile treaty. Hao-Te Zui's Anarchists fight for the townsfolk that E.B Farnum's consortium of Entrepreneurs are trying to drive out of business. Bass Reeves, the West's most persistent Marshal, arrives in pursuit of the notorious outlaw, Jessica Patchett, who's trying to escape her bloody past. And out in the Badlands, Ursula's cult prepares to summon the power of the great Worm.

Doomtown: Weird West Edition is a poker-driven, territory control card game, updated from (and fully compatible with) the 2014 release of Doomtown: Reloaded, which was based on the 1998 Origins Awards Best Trading Card Game, Deadlands: Doomtown by Alderac Entertainment Group!

All aspects of the game that require randomization are controlled via a poker mechanism as every card has a suit and value. Preparing for the hands you want to draw is as much a part of deck building as choosing the actions and dudes you'll want to play. Your deck is built around an Outfit, one of the six main groups attempting to control Deadwood.

Combat is resolved via poker hands. Deciding who goes first is decided by drawing the top five cards from your deck and the lowest poker hands go first.

Players take one action each, in turn which can include:

Hiring a new dude (getting you influence in town)
Purchasing a new deed (getting you control in town)
Shopping for gear for your dudes
Start a shootout with your opponents to try to remove their influence.

When each player passes, you reach "Sundown" for the day. If any player has more control in town than anyone else has influence, you win.

-description from publisher

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Richard Carter
Dave Williams (II)
Mark Wootton

Abrar Ajmal
Javier Araujo
Drew Baker
Mark Behm
Gabriel Blain
Grzegorz Bobrowski
Von Caberte
Brian Caleffi
Cristian Chihaia
Brent Chumley
Miguel Coronado
Ed Cox
Donald Crank
Biagio D'Alessandro
Marjorie Davis
Charles Dougherty
Álvaro Calvo Escudero
Delfino Falciani
Edward Fetterman
Dan Frazier
Michele Frigo
Andrew Gaia
Quintin Gleim
Anthony Grabski
Friedrich A. Haas
David Hammond
Ambrose H. Hoilman
David Robert Hovey
David Hueso
Charles Keegan
Gareth Keenan
Cristina McAllister
M. Wayne Miller
Jonathan Moore
John Morrow
Stephen Najarian
William O'Connor
Mirco Paganessi
Paolo Parente
Jim Pavelec
Brittany Pezzillo
Allan Pollack
German Ponce
Mark Poole
Ramon Puasa, Jr.
Sabrina Pugnale
Char Reed
Vlad Ricean
Lance Ridenoure
Aaron J. Riley
Riccardo Rullo
Bryan Sevilla
Carmen Sinek
Ron Spencer
James Starr-King
Marcel Stobinski
David Su
Lucas Svedberg
Matthew Sweeney
Kamila Szutenberg
Drew Tucker
Charles Urbach
Jose Vega
Pete Venters
Teejay Ralph Villahermosa
Daniel Jiménez Villalba
Inna Vjuzhanina
Bryon Wackwitz
Mario Wibisono
Christopher Wilson
Larry Wilson
Sam Wood
Robin Wouters
Cheyenne Wright

Board Game Geek Category(s):
American West
Card Game
City Building

Board Game Geek Mechanic(s):
Area Majority / Influence
Betting and Bluffing
Hand Management
Variable Player Powers

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