What is Command Con?

An All Weekend Commander Extravaganza!!!
Saturday and Sunday, March 23rd & 24th
Doors Open at 9:30am and we'll be playing Commander all day!

Pick Your Pod.
Play Commander and have fun your way.
From Learn-2-Play (Green) and Casual Pods (Yellow) to Competitive and Cutthroat (Red), you'll find a game of commander that fits your style.

Win Tix and claim prizes from The EPIC Prize Wall of AWESOME!
Everyone will win tix and have a chance to claim their prize from our EPIC Prize Wall of AWESOME!
This event is one of the few chances anyone will have to take home one of our limited edition Secret Lair Cards, Sealed Secret Lair Sets, and even Masterpieces!
Every time you play a pod, you'll get Prize Tix, then you can turn your tix in at the Prize Wall to get the prize you want - save up your tix all weekend to get better prizes or you can even trade for tix with other players to get enough to redeem for the best prizes!

What is The EPIC Prize Wall of AWESOME?

Command Con 24 is the debut of our EPIC Prize Wall of AWESOME, with bigger and better prizes than the Epic Binder of Awesome, the Prize Wall lets you choose what you want to win and save up your tix to get the prize you want.

Inventions, Secret Lairs, Playmats, Singles, Boosters, and More!
With the Prize Wall you're not limited to winning a random card on a roll of the dice.
Instead there will be a range of truly awesome prizes that you can turn in tix to get.
At the top of the charts we have an Invention Sol Ring for anyone crazy enough to get that many tix, and for anyone turning in just a handful of tix you can grab play boosters, or even take your chances with a roll in the Binder!

Don't Worry - The Binder is still here too!
Some players just love rolling dice and we do too, so the EPIC Binder of AWESOME is part of the prize wall. So if there's nothing fancy you want to save up for, or if you believe in the Heart of the Dice, you can turn in your tix to get rolls any time you want!

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How-To Command Con

Pick Your Pod
     Choose your pod based on how you like to have fun!
     Preregistration is highly recommended - Command Con Always Sells Out!
     We have 4 types of pods that will be firing all day long:

     Green Pods
          - New Players / People who like playing with new players
          - Playing with a Precon Commander Deck or about that power level
          - Green Players have fun while learning and reading new cards and don't mind if the game takes a bit longer of if something needs to be explained
                    - For Example - Green Players are ok with other players needing to read everyone's cards, announcing what they are playing and what effect it will have.
                    - Green Pods usually end over the course of a lot of combat steps and attacking since no one will have any instant win or infinite combos.

Preregister for a Green Pod

Win Prize Tix!

So, you're ready to sign up for a pod and get playing, now how do you get prizes??

     Green and Yellow Pods
        Participation Prizes!
        Everyone in a Green or Yellow Pod will 50 tix they can redeem at ​The EPIC Prize Wall of AWESOME! as a participation prize every time they join a pod!
        *On that note, Pods will only start up every 2 hours
          That way players aren't incentivized to concede or draw.

 Orange Pods    
    Semi-Competitive Prizes!
    Everyone in an Orange Pod starts out with 50 Prize Tix, but when you knock out another player you'll claim 30 of their prize tix!
In the event of a disagreement about who knocked out who, the player who wins the pod will claim the 30 tix.

 Red Pods
        Competitive Prizes!
        Instead of getting 1 roll for participating, Red Pod players get 50 tix for The EPIC Prize Wall of AWESOME! for each player they eliminate!
        In the event of a disagreement about who eliminated who, the winning player will get the tix!
Red Pods will fire off anytime there are 4 players ready to play.
        Want to win enough tix to take home the Invention Sol Ring?
        This is literally your ticket to victory - you can win up to 200 tix per game and save up enough for some awesome prizes from the prize wall!

Other Ways to Get Prize Tix

If you've got your eyes set on some of the big prizes on the prize wall you'll want to figure out how to get the most tix possible!

 Win a bounty by playing in a pod with one of our Content Creator guests!
                We'll have players from and other channels playing all weekend long -
                and when you play in a pod with them one player at random will get bonus tix!

        Door Prize Bonus Tix!
                Each round we'll choose a random pod to bestow with bonus tix for the whole pod!

        Bling Out Yer Deck
                We're also putting a door prize out for anyone who has a full foil or alt-art deck!
                Check-in at the prize wall when you arrive and we'll add you to the wheel of bling!
                Every round we'll spin the wheel and give out bonus tix to the winner!

        Trade for tix!
                After your game or between rounds you can trade tix with other players to build up your
                warchest - turn your cards into prizes!

Redeem Your Tix!

So you've won a bunch of tix for ​The EPIC Prize Wall of AWESOME! - What now?!?
     First, browse the prize wall and figure out what you want to take home!
     Then, play a bunch of commander to win tix, trade with other players to get even more tix, or knock out a Kingdoms Bounty Player to get bonus tix!
     Finally, turn in your tix to claim your prize! With prizes ranging from a Roll in our Epic Binder of Awesome all the way up to a Masterpiece Invention Sol Ring, there's something awesome for everyone!

High Roller!

Sounds pretty awesome right?
Planning to play all day??
How about a sweet playmat to commemorate the event?!?
Love the EPIC Binder of AWESOME and want to make sure you get some bonus rolls?

The HIGH ROLLER option is for everyone that loves to play Commander as much as possible!
Preregister as a HIGH ROLLER to get:
     - 10 Rolls in The EPIC BINDER of AWESOME!

     - A Playmat with an exclusive Foil Command Con 24 Stamp on it
     - Free Entry to All of Your Pods for the day!

Please note that the High Roller Pass does not come with reserved seating or automatic entry.
When you register for the High Roller ticket, please make sure you register for the times/pods you want to play as well.
To get your free entries, add the High Roller Ticket plus the tickets for the pods you are planning to play all to the cart at the same time - up to 6 of the tickets for the same day as your High Roller Pass will be discounted to free entry in the cart when combined with your High Roller ticket.

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