Events are Back!

Hey all!
In a bit of a rush today, but just wanted to let everyone know a couple of quick things -


Events are Back!

Starting this Friday we are officially hosting events again!
We're getting the ball rolling with:
Free Commander 5:30pm/11:30am (Wednesday, Friday & Saturday!)
Free Modern 7pm (Wednesday & Friday)
Booster Drafts 7:30pm (Friday)

More events are definitely coming, including Magic Prereleases & $1ks, Warhammer Covid League Finale (about dang time!), a new Warhammer League, Paint Night, Board Game Night and RPGs too!

If there's a game you want to champion or an event you'd like us to prioritize, just let us know here -

Seating is still limited, so make sure to preregister if you want to play!


Masks are Off!

Starting Today, Thursday, May 27th masks are not required at Game Grid Lehi.

Everyone on staff has had the opportunity to be vaccinated if they want to, cases are low and trending down, and we miss your face :-)

We appreciate the respect that everyone has shown us while we extended our mask policy - it was a bit of a wait for some of our staff to get vaccinated and we didn't want to make anyone feel uncomfortable working or playing here.

Of course, you are still welcome to wear a mask if you'd like, but with state regulations done and over with, we are happy to try to get things back to normal for those who don't want to wear a mask anymore.



Hope to see you in the store soon!