Black Friday Giveaway 2021!

Hello Fellow Gamers!

Welcome to our 2021 Black Friday Giveaway!!

We're giving away over $1000 of Gift Certificates to 40 lucky winners this year with our biggest Black Friday Giveaway ever!!!
Read on for all the info you need to enter and win.


Grand Prize - $200!!
Runner Up - $100
(2) $75 Winners!
(4) $50 Winners!
(32) $25 Winners!

How To Enter

1. Connect with GG

Follow us on Facebook or Join our Discord so you can find our daily posts.

Comment on the post to get an entry every day

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2. Review GG

Leave us a review on Google to get 5 bonus entries!


3. Shop at GG

Get another entry for every $20 spent online or in store between now and Thanksgiving.


Bonus Entry

Sign up for our Email List!

You've been asking us to send out some kind of newsletter or email updates forever, and we are finally getting started this year!
Not only will you get 10 bonus entries for signing up, you'll also be the first to find out what our deals are for Black Friday AND you'll get early access to register your reservation for Pre-Black Friday Shopping.


Wait Wait Wait, hold up... Pre-Black Friday Shopping?
What's that?

Well, 2 years ago we had over 100 people in line before we even opened the doors on Black Friday! To mitigate the chaos (and to preserve social distancing!) last year we had reservations for a limited number of people to come and shop before the store officially opened.
I think that anyone who was at Game Grid both years will agree that it was a massive improvement for all of our customers and for our staff too!
Not only did you have space to breathe and browse, when you were ready to leave you didn't have to wait in another line just to checkout!!

Of course, we also have our diehard fans who love to campout over night - and we want them to be able to continue their insane tradition as well :-)

So here's how Pre-Black Friday Shopping is going to work -


Doors are unlocked for the first 30 people lined up out the door!
Whether you camped out overnight or you showed up at 7:55 and there was a spot left, at 8am we're letting 30 people in for 45 minutes.
And it wouldn't be Black Friday without a Door Buster!

The first 10 people in line will get a 70% off discount sticker to apply to anything (except collectible cards/singles)!
Next 10 will get a 60% off sticker!
And the last 10 will get a 50% off sticker!!


20 Online Reservations get to shop for 20 minutes!


20 Online Reservations get to shop for 20 minutes!


20 Online Reservations get to shop for 20 minutes!


20 Online Reservations get to shop for 20 minutes!


Doors Open for Everyone!

The 10 minutes between each reservation are for us to finish checkout and sanitize the area before the next batch come in.
Don't worry, this is our BIGGEST BLACK FRIDAY EVER!
There will definitely be amazing deals everywhere, even if you aren't in the early-bird groups. :-)

So, if the idea of Pre-Black Friday Shopping appeals to you, definitely make sure that you sign up for our Email List - we'll be announcing reservations via email before anywhere else!
And you'll be the first to know all of our Black Friday Deals too :-)
(hint - it'll be even better than last year and you don't want to miss out!)

Can't wait to see you all in person next week, and good luck in the Black Friday Giveaway!!!


Final Details -

Winners will be announced Monday 11/29 at 11:00am
We will post the winners on our social media channels and attempt to contact you directly via text.