Mysterium Kids: Captain Echo's Treasure

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Mysterium Kids: Captain Echo's Treasure

Recommended for Ages 6 & up
2-6 Players
21 minutes playtime

Legend has it that the old mansion on the outskirts of the city is home to a fabulous treasure! Hoping to find it, you decide to spend the night there. You are about to give up when the ghost of Captain Echo appears to help you find his treasure. He isn’t much of a talker, but he plays a mean tambourine, and he’s going to use it to tell you which rooms to search in!

Players cooperate to find Captain’s treasure before the moon has traveled across the sky and the night is over. Each round, one player becomes the Ghost of Captain Echo. The Ghost must use a tambourine to give clues that help the other players guess the correct Noise card. If they do, they get to reveal a piece of the Captain’s treasure.

—description from the publisher

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Antonin Boccara
Yves Hirschfeld

Olivier Danchin

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Communication Limits
Cooperative Game

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