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Get Everything Zombicide 2nd Edition!


Zombicide 2nd Edition Base Game MSRP $100
Washington Z.C. Expansion MSRP $40
Presidential Box - Kickstarter Exclusive! MSRP ??? eBay $60!
Reboot Box - All the Kickstarter Exclusive Stretch Goals! MSRP ??? eBay $120!
Zombicide: Chronicles RPG MSRP $40
GameMaster Starter Kit MSRP $15
Mission Compendium MSRP $10
Field Guide to Zombicide MSRP $20
Fort Hendrix + Kickstarter Exclusive Gabriel Character Pack! MSRP $40 eBay $90!
Urban Legends MSRP $25
Chronicles Survivors Set + Kickstarter Exclusive Nico Character Pack MSRP $30 eBay $60!
Travel Zombicide MSRP $50
2nd Edition Tile Set MSRP $20
Extra Players Upgrade Set MSRP $25
Zombies & Companions Upgrade Kit MSRP $8
Special Black & White Dice MSRP $18
All-Out Dice MSRP $10
Danny Trejo Set Kickstarter Exclusive! MSRP $15, eBay $60!
3D Car Set Kickstarter Exclusive! MSRP $15 eBay $50!
Full Metal Dice Set Kickstarter Exclusive! MSRP $28 eBay $80!

Grand Total....

$509 MSRP + $372 Kickstarter Exclusives = $881!

Game Grid Everything Bundle - only $500!!!

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