Starcadia Quest: Patty & Sherry

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Patty is a sweet heart. She really is. But don't misinterpret her kindness with weakness. She is anything but weak. In fact, she is really really (really!) tough and rolls more dice for defense than any other Hero. And although half of the successes (rounded up) are considered, there's is still a fair chance that she will leave a fight barely wounded. Not to mention that choosing the right Upgrades may grant her even more defense dice.

Contrary to popular belief, Sherry is not insane (ahm... not clinically insane at least). She is brave, strong, and impulsive. Which makes her throw herself into a fight without measuring the consequences, taking the opponent by surprise but also giving her a few battle scars. When melee attacking, she can choose to take 1 wound to daze the enemy, before they even get the chance to defend themselves.

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