Secret Lair: Drop Series - Boo-Tacular Bundle Bundle

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Set: Secret Lair Drop Series Sealed
Release Date: 2022-01-28
Our first spine-chilling bundle is for people who love bundles… TO DEATH! This bundle contains every single drop, both foil and non-foil. Do you know who else loves bundles? Be careful, the answer might be so terrifying as to shock you to your very core. Bundled up in gauze and swarming with scare-abs, it's the accursed mummy! What, too scary? Did you call for you own? (Mummy and mommy are homophones if you read them in an EXTREMELY SCARY VOICE.) 


• 1x Stranger Things 
• 1x Stranger Things  (Foil Edition )
• 1x Mirrodinsanity 
• 1x Mirrodinsanity (Foil Edition)
• 1x Monster Anatomy 101 
• 1x Monster Anatomy 101 (Foil Etched Edition)
• 1x Monster Movie Marathon 
• 1x Monster Movie Marathon (Foil Edition)
• 1x Read the Fine Print 
• 1x Read the Fine Print (Foil Edition)
• 1x Read the Fine Print (Foil Etched Edition)
• 1x Showcase: Midnight Hunt 
• 1x Showcase: Midnight Hunt (Foil Edition)
• 1x Thrilling Tales of the Undead 
• 1x Thrilling Tales of the Undead (Foil Edition)

Stranger Things ™/ © Netflix. Used with permission.

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