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Recommended for Ages 7 & up
2-6 Players

In Kingyo, you have to catch as many Kingyo (goldfishes) as possible, matching the colors of the dice.

The Kingyo cards are laid out around the 5 dice. Players can divide themselves into teams as they wish. Each player takes a Bowl card to place the Kingyo cards they will catch.

One player rolls the 5 dice, then all players simultaneously try to catch the cards with Kingyo that match the colors of the dice, announcing the colors of the Kingyo caught.

Some cards have bonuses in addition to the Kingyo:
If you catch a Dragonfly, roll all 5 dice again.
If you catch a Hornet, each opponent must discard a card from their bowl.
If you catch a Scoop, you can immediately take any card.

When you think it's no longer possible to catch Kingyo cards with colors that match the dice, catch one of the special "Medaka" cards. The game is over for you, but other players can continue to catch cards if they find any. Be careful because there is one less Medaka card than the number of players...

At the end of the game, players score 1 point for each Kingyo and 4 points for the Medaka card in their bowl. In a team game, only the team's bowl with the lowest score will count.

- description from designers

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Alexis Allard
Émilien Alquier

Christine Alcouffe

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Party Game

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Dice Rolling
Pattern Recognition
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Team-Based Game

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