09/01 Wilds of Eldraine Prerelease - Friday 3pm Intro to Prerelease!

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Title: 3pm Entry + Hornet Queen (French) Promo
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Join us at Game Grid Lehi for the best Prerelease Weekend in Utah!

With Friday Prerelease, you not only get your packs sooner, you also get MORE PRERELEASE THAN EVER BEFORE!

That's right, we've got an action packed weekend for everyone, with 6 Prerelease Events to keep you going for 2 Straight Days of MAGIC!

Intro to Prerelease Details -

​​Format - 

Wilds of Eldraine Prerelease Kit Sealed
Open 6 Packs (Plus a Promo!)
Build a 40 Card Deck with the cards you opened and basic lands (provided by Game Grid)
Play Magic!
Win Prizes!!

Intro to Prerelease Differences:
More time to build your deck!
Play 5 games (best of 1, instead of best 2 out of 3)
Get 25 minutes per game, so you have plenty of time to read the new cards while you learn & Win Booster Packs!!

Prize Support

0 Wins - 1 Draft Booster!
1 Win - 1 Set Booster!
2 Wins - 1 Set Booster & 1 Draft Boosters!
3 Wins - 2 Set Boosters!
4 Wins - 2 Set Boosters & 1 Draft Boosters!
5 Wins - 3 Set Boosters!


Full Weekend Schedule-

Friday Schedule

3:00 pm - Intro to Prerelease - Sealed

7:00 pm - Sealed - 1 Set Booster Per Win! + 1 Set Booster No Matter What!

11:55pm - Sealed - Midnight Prerelease WIN-A-BOX!

Saturday Schedule

11:00am - Sealed - 1 Set Booster Per Win!  + 1 Set Booster No Matter What!

3:00pm - Sealed - 1 Set Booster Per Win!  + 1 Set Booster No Matter What!

7:00pm - Two-Headed Giant Sealed - 1 Set Booster Per Player Per Win!  + 1 Set Booster Each No Matter What!

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