Zombicide 2nd Edition: Fort Hendrix Expansion + Gabriel Character Pack!

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Zombicide 2nd Edition: Fort Hendrix

Recommended for Ages 14 & up
1-6 Players
60 minutes playtime

This military-themed expansion features not only the same Campaign Mode and Advanced Rules seen in Washington Z.C., but also a slew of new additions like a special Military Equipment deck, new regular Equipment and Pimpweapons to replace the core ones, military base tiles, veteran survivors, and, of course, zombie soldiers! All this comes to life in a brand new 10-mission campaign set in Fort Hendrix, a military base where mysterious experiments were being conducted in relation to the zombie infection.

—description from the publisher

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Raphaël Guiton
Jean-Baptiste Lullien
Nicolas Raoult

Édouard Guiton
Eric Nouhaut

Board Game Geek Category(s):
Expansion for Base-game

Board Game Geek Mechanic(s):
Cooperative Game
Scenario / Mission / Campaign Game

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