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Recommended for Ages 12 & up
2-4 Players
360 minutes playtime

The mythic races are the keepers of six very different spheres of magic, with very different abilities. It was only the power of the Archmage that long ago found ways to combine the spheres and gain higher and higher levels of magic. Now, much of the magic of the mythic races is lost, and the newcomers, having come so far, are told they must now travel the lands to reclaim lost relics sacred to the races. It seems the journey to absolute magical power has only just begun...Archmage is a euro-thematic hybrid, where players take on the role of fledgling Mages, traveling the lands to recover ancient relics, gather followers, and train apprentices in six spheres of magic and beyond. As the power of their Order grows, they will pit apprentices against each other, and attain unheard of spells and magical powers, building their own Mage tower to watch over the lands and weave their magics.When the time of reckoning comes, a new Archmage will rule.

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Andrew Sutherland

Andrew Sutherland

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Card Game
Print & Play

Board Game Geek Mechanic(s):
Area Majority / Influence
Area Movement
Card Drafting
Dice Rolling
Point to Point Movement
Roll / Spin and Move
Variable Player Powers

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