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Hello Fellow Gamers!

It's time to kick off one of our favorite annual traditions...

The Black Friday Giveaway!

And of course, this year it's spicier than ever before....We're doubling our prizes!!
That's right! $2,000 in Gift Cards will be given out to 50 lucky winners on Tuesday 11/29!

 How To Enter The Black Friday Giveaway!

Follow GGLehi.

  • Answer the Question of the Day (QotD) posts on Facebook or Discord to get an entry into the Giveaway!
    Share our Facebook posts to get 2 bonus entries each day!
    Use the "Connect with GG" link in our Menu to find us on Facebook or join our Discord Server!
  • Review GGLehi.

  • Good or bad (but hopefully good?) everyone who has left a review on either Google or Yelp will get 5 entries!
  • Play at GGLehi.

  • Anytime you play in-store you'll get an entry!
    Play in any of our events and we'll add an entry for everyone on Roll Call!
    Hanging out with friends and family to play Warhammer, Pokemon, D&D or Board Games?
    Just check-in with our staff before you leave to get an entry for playing!
  • Shop at GGLehi.

  • And, of course, we couldn't keep our doors open, pay our employees or run these awesome giveaways without your patronage!
    Every $20 you spend at GGLehi from 11/13 to 11/26 will get you another entry!

Giveaway Prize Breakdown

$400 Grand Prize!
$200 Runner Up!
Two (2) $100 Winners!
Four (4) $50 Winners!
and.... Forty Two (42) $25 Winners!


Do I have to pay to win/enter?

Not a chance!
Commenting on our Facebook or Discord posts is completely free!
So is reviewing our store on Yelp or Google
And our play area almost always has open tables, plus over half of the events we run are free entry too!

Do I need an account to win?

If you do have an account, we can automatically credit you if you win.
Otherwise your gift card will be available for pickup after the giveaway :-)

I just bought something yesterday - Can I still get entries?

We calculate the entries from the day this was posted (11/13) through Monday 11/27.
So if you made your purchase during that window, you'll definitely get your entries.
Otherwise, we won't be able to count it, just so we are fair to everyone.

I'm out of town on the 27th! What happens to my prize?

If you have an account, which is almost anyone who has made a purchase, we'll automatically credit your account if you win!
If you don't have an account, we'll hold onto your physical gift card until 12/31/22 - after that we'll assume you didn't want it.

I don't use social media! How do I get in on the Question of the Day posts?

Our discord server isn't "social media", so that's another option.
Discord is just our local players on a message board, we have different channels for most of the games we carry so you can filter out messages you don't care about.
Otherwise, you can still get tons of entries from in-store play, reviewing GG or shopping with us.

Why are you giving away $2,000?!?

Honestly and truly, because we would much rather give you guys the money instead of Facebook or Google.
Game Grid Lehi might seem like a mega store, but the truth is that we only ship  1% of our orders. Everything else is local.
And we don't have an advertising budget - not a single dollar to Google Adwords, TikTok, Meta or the rest.
Instead, we run a ton of awesome free events, we give out massive prize support at our paid events, and we run these giveaways every year. Because all of our success is due to you - our amazing community of local players and gamers.
So when we want to advertise our Black Friday deals, we ask you guys to spread the word for us and we give any money we would have spent on ads to whoever wins!

What time on Tuesday 11/28 will I know if I won?

Probably pretty close to 11am.
Last year we had almost 11000 entries, so it takes a while to add them all up - we'll do our best to get it done before we open on Tuesday 11/28 though.

Do I have to be at the store when the giveaway happens?

Not at all!
We'll post the results online, and then if you have an account we'll add anything you win to your credit automatically.
You can show up anytime between 11/28 and 12/31 to pick up your gift card if you don't have an account.

How does Playing at GGLehi to get entries work?

Anytime, Any Game that you play, you can check-in with our staff at the front counter to get an entry!
If you're in an official event with Roll Call, you don't have to check-in, we'll add everyone on roll call at the end of the night.
Limited to 1x per day - so jamming a couple dozens games on a Saturday (or 2 Warhammer games) still only counts 1x for the day.

I'll add any other FAQs here if they come up.

Thanks for Playing - Good Luck, Have Fun!