Core Set 2021 Prerelease

Join us for our most unique prerelease ever!

To help maintain Social Distancing, Game Grid Lehi is running our prerelease like never before, including:

• Pods of 8 Players!
Not only do Pods of 8 help us keep social distance between groups, it also lets you choose who you play with!
Want to play with you favorite people? Just sign up for the same Pod! (on the same day & time, of course)
If you prefer to play against random players, feel free to sign up for any pod you want :-)

• Play on Discord & In-Store!
With 8 Computers set up in-store, players can join any prerelease from Discord!
You'll get paired up the exact same as if you were playing in person. If your opponent is playing in-store, they'll hop on one of our Video Chat setups to play against you.
Easy as pie.

Tournament Format-
Core Set 2021 Prerelease Kit Sealed
3 Rounds Swiss (No Elimination!)

Prize Support-
1 Prize Pack for Everyone, PLUS 2 Packs per Win!

3-0 Undefeated? Win 7 Packs!
2-1 win 5 Packs!
1-2 win 3 packs!
0-3 win 1 pack! (better luck next time!)

Please Note-
We have a hard cap of 40 players in each event. If all 5 Pods are sold out, we cannot add more players to the event, but we would be thrilled to have you join us another time or you can jump in by playing via Discord.
Hand sanitizer & soap is available for everyone and must be used before playing.
Face masks or Face Shields are required while in the Play Area.
We have a limited number of disposable masks available if you do not have one.

There will be a 15 minute "reset" between events where we will clear the play area so we can sanitize everything.

The Start Time is when we will begin going over Release Notes - Deck Construction will begin ~10min later.

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